Bullseye: Target Paints Logo on Their Roof That is 250 Feet in Diameter

I’m staying at this hotel near Chicago O’hare airport and I go on google maps to scroll around to see what is in the area. I see this giant bullseye on the roof of a building. I stop for a moment, not knowing what it is for… then I realize it is a target logo. Brilliant. Now I know there is a Target store nearby (whether I wanted to or not).

This serves two purposes:

  1. Online map users can see the store quickly and easily in satellite view
  2. Airplane passengers see the branding and store location as they’re landing

This is brilliant — a great way to capitalize on satellite imaging for branding.

Target Roof from Google Maps

See for yourself on google maps:
Example 1 - Chicago IL
Example 2 - Everett MA (thanks Colonel Kernel)